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          Pumps & Lift Stations

          Tanks & Basins

          Wastewater 必威登录网址

          Water 必威登录网址 & Arsenic Removal



          Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, betway88中文官网, Inc. is a distributor of lift stations, pumps, stainless steel & fiberglass tanks and water treatment equipment. We also manufacturer ISOLUX arsenic removal systems and provide other innovative solutions for complex water treatment applications.


          betway88中文官网, Inc. has been in business since 1988. Through the years, we’ve proudly partnered with some of the most respected manufacturers in the commercial water treatment industry, including:


          • IMO PUMPS – Gear & screw pumps and minor & major repair kits.
          • betway vip – Submersible sewage pumps.
          • PEMO PUMP – Rubber lined and hard metal slurry pumps.
          • HIGHLAND TANK – Stainless steel tanks, grease interceptors and oil water separators.
          • NATIONWIDE TANK & PIPE – Fiberglass tanks for chemical & water storage.
          • ISOLUX – Arsenic removal systems with user-friendly cartridges.


          No matter your field of work, be it commercial, industrial or municipal, betway88中文官网, Inc. has pumps and storage equipment and the control systems you need. From high and low pressure lube oil pumps and lift station pumps, to stainless steel and fiberglass tanks for water, fuel or chemical storage, we provide the right solution to suit your specific application.


          Whether you need just repair parts, stand-alone equipment or a complete water system, we’re ready and willing to help. betway88中文官网, Inc. has the experience necessary to address any problem you may have, as well as the knowledge to solve it. That’s our true goal: not to sell you a product, but to solve your problem through innovative products and personalized service.


          Let’s have a conversation about your application requirements! To learn more about our products and to find the right solution for your industry, contact us today! Call us at 480-998-4097 or email us at sales@apewater.com.

          Latest News

          Aquionics Names betway88中文官网 an Authorized OEM Distributor

          Decades of continuous development, Aquionics developed the most advanced UV technology on the market today in a full range of products for commercial & industrial treatment applications. Ultraviolet (UV) treatment works in the same way as strong sunlight to permanently purify water by making biological impurities inactive. Powerful UV lamps produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation which.

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          Protected: Steel: The Chosen Material

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          Fiberglass Tanks from Nationwide Tank & Pipe

          Nationwide Tank and Pipe, LLC is among North America’s largest manufacturers of composite fiberglass (FRP) tanks. With a strong presence in the oil and gas industry, Nationwide can provide the full set up for production tank batteries, salt water disposal systems, chemical containment and crude oil storage. FRP tanks have been used in place of.

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          Proud Provider Of:

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