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Removes arsenic and other contaminates like phosphate, chromium, and fluoride

  • Lowest treatment costs per thousand gallons for adsorption technology.
  • 300 gpm to 2,000 GPM Commercial systems.
  • Removes Arsenic III & V to less than 5 ppb without oxidation steps.
  • Removes other contaminants including phosphate, chromium, selenium, fluoride, lead and more.
  • Rapid kinetics, allowing for faster water purification
  • Dry media means it’s free flowing and easy to use
  • No chemicans required for regeneration
  • Non-hazardous waste

The EP Minerals NXT-2 adsorption media provides cost effective treatment for the removal of arsenic from drinking water to less than 10 ppb, to comply with the EPA’s maximum contaminant level of 10 ppb.

NXT-2 is a free-flowing, lanthanum based mixed metal oxy-hydroxide media which was designed not only to provide maximum capacity through high surface area, but also improved stability against pH upset to prevent possible desorption of bound arsenic both during use and in landfill conditions.

Compared to other available technologies, NXT-2 has been demonstrated to deliver the lowest adsorption treatment cost, coupled with ease of use and low maintenance requirements.
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EP Minerals NXT-2 adsorption dry media for arsenic removal”