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betway88中文官网 a manufacturer and designer of contaminant treatment solutions for all types and sizes of drinking water systems. We are problem solvers, and work hard to find the exact set of treatment products and delivery systems. to address your specific application requirements.


Our objective is to provide you with a One-Stop-Shop solution Arsenic Removal water treatment systems:

  • Engineering design assistance
  • Compete equipment package delivery
  • System start-up training
  • Aftermarket parts, media replacement and technical support.
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Ion Exchange & Adsorptive Resins

FerrLX A33Eis a direct replacement for Bayoxide E33

Resins for the removal of nitrates, Chrome VI, Uranium & Radium

Media regeneration available

Full lab services & field services available


Proven Zirconium Arsenic Removal Systems

Whole-house & light commercial systems from 5 to 300 GPM.

Easy to handle cartridge systems.

No complicated maintenance or backwashing.

Non-toxic. Quick, easy non-hazardous disposal for spent cartridges.

Verified for 99% to non-detect arsenic removal.

Media NSF 61 certified for drinking water use.

Manufactured in the U.S. by betway88中文官网.

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NXT-2 Lanthanum Based Absorptive Media

Lowst treatment costs per thousand gallons for adsorption technology.

Commercial 300 to 2,000 GPM systems.

Removes Arsenic lll & V to less than 5 ppb without oxidation steps.

Removes other contaminates including phosphate, chromium, selenium, fluoride, lead and more.


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Arsenic & Micro-contaminant Removal Systems

EP Minerals

Chemical Feed Systems
AquFlo Pumps

Filtration Media
Ep Minerals

Flocculants, Polymers & Stabilization Agents

UF & RO Systems

UV Water Purification

UV Pure

Multi-media Filtration – UF & RO Membrane

Do you need a cost-effective replacement media for your existing arsenic water treatment system?

We can help.


Do you need to remove Arsenic, Chromium, Nitrates or Uranium from drinking water?

We can show you options.


Do you need to find a simple, trouble-free arsenic removal system that won’t break your small water system budget?

We have your answer.